Industrial control is one of the traditional markets for FPGA applications, and demand continues to grow as industrial civilisation evolves.Pango Micro products have been mass-produced and distributed by leading manufacturers in a number of industrial control industry segments, and are successfully being used in numerous industry end-products, such as servo motors, CNC machine tools, motion control, electrical grids and photovoltaic inverters.
Application examples
  • LED display control cards
    An LED display control card is responsible for receiving the screen display information from the computer, entering it in the frame memory and generating the serial display data and scanning control time sequence required by the LED display according to the partition driving method, making it the core component of the LED graphic display screen.As the core component in the LED control card, the Pango Micro Logos Family FPGA mainly completes the functions of video encoding and decoding, image processing drives, control and correction algorithms, Gigabit Ethernet, main control and logic control.
  • Motion control cards
    Motion control cards are a type of higher-level control element based on PCs and industrial PCs and are used in various types of motion control scenarios (including shifting, speed, acceleration etc.), and are widely used in position control systems and PC-based NC control systems that require precise, fixed-length positioning in the field of automated industrial control. They are commonly used in servo drives, industrial robots, dispensers, winding machines and other industrial equipment.Specifically, they integrate the bottom-layer software and hardware in motion control, providing the various speed and position control functions needed for servo motor control. These functions can be conveniently called up by a computer.
  • Relay protection equipment
    Relay protection and automatic devices are important components of an electric power system and play a key, decisive role in ensuring the safe and economic operation of the electric power system and preventing faults from occurring or spreading.Pango Micro Logos/Logos-2 FPGA products serve as core functional devices in relay protection equipment, primarily implementing functions such as SV/GOOSE message filtering/aggregation/receiving and sending, time synchronisation, sampling value synchronisation, oversampling simulation and network storms. They can implementing device information interaction and information communications via PCIe, RGMII, CAN and many other interfaces.
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