In addition to communications, industrial control, images and video etc., FPGAs are also widely used in fields such as testing and measurement and healthcare
Application examples
  • Digital testers
    During the manufacturing process of all electronic devices, it is necessary to perform fault detection and verification, which is actually an experimental process.This process requires a variety of test equipment, namely ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) digital testers.These electronic devices include IC devices and discrete devices.Aside from the power management board, the core of the digital tester is the internal communication board, which collects the relevant information about the tested electronic devices through various interfaces, displays them in the system display in real time and automatically prints and saves the test records.
  • Medical monitors
    A monitor is a device or system that is designed to measure and control a patient's physiological parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc., and can compare them to known set values and issue an alarm if they are exceeded.They are divided into three categories based on their function: bedside monitors, central monitors and discharge monitors (telemetry monitors).The FPGA can be used to realise the LCD display driver, graphic display acceleration, as well as human-computer interaction functions such as keystrokes, mouse, touch and so on.
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