Data center
As the trend of video-enabled data intensifies and the popularity of remote working increases, the data centre market is showing solid growth, but this has also brought about explosive growth in connected data, posing a huge challenge to the data processing capabilities of data centres.Various acceleration solutions have thus become indispensable for data centre applications.FPGAs have become one of the main solutions for data centre network acceleration, storage acceleration and computation acceleration, with features such as flexible programmability and parallel computing.
Application examples
  • Storage acceleration card
    The development of big data has generated huge amounts of data, and the dataset often contains duplicate data. It is difficult to meet the requirements of big data and high bandwidth with traditional CPU-based algorithms that use hash tables for processing. Data storage acceleration can be achieved through pre-processing to identify duplicated data in FPGAs.The Pango Micro Titan-2 FPGA products achieve PCIe 3.0x8, 1866Mbps DDR4@64bit, hash hardware acceleration algorithms, multi-level indexed storage, error classification and other major functions in its acceleration card solutions.
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