With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality of consumer electronic products is also improving, and the comprehensive functions and performance are becoming more and more complex, which places higher requirements on the chip with regard to integration, interfaces and portability.Low-power, small-sized FPGA products that support high-end video display interfaces will be the top choice for achieving next-generation video displays and peripherals, AR/VR, gaming peripherals, smart wearable devices and other consumer applications and solutions.
Application examples
  • VR glasses
    With the continuous development of technology and the Internet, people are demanding more and more from the electronic products around them, and the concepts of AR/VR and the metaverse have emerged as portability, display resolution and the degree of intelligence continue to improve.Among our CPLD products, the KL device versions feature low power and small dimensions while supporting MIPI interfaces, and can be widely used in end products in consumer electronics.
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